Newly Crowned Barista Champ at CoffeeCon NY

I’ve known Kyle Ramage since meeting him at a Mahlkönig exhibit at one of the trade shows. He’s everything you want an expert to be: Extremely knowledgeable while still down-to-earth and able to put his brilliance into plain language. I originally asked him to come to...
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CoffeeCon NY 2017 Comes to Chelsea!

If someone had told me how difficult putting on three back-to-back CoffeeCon events would be, I’m not sure I’d have done it. However, the benefit has been clear. We really are starting to have it down. I’m used to moving from one city to another. I’m used to the...
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CoffeeCon Chicago. When?

How many CoffeeCon events can we produce per year? Answer: Given our resources, that is two people, Pat and me, devoting ourselves to the cause pretty much full time, we've found can do three per year. Since we’ve so far completed two this year, it leaves one left to...
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My Personal Guide to CoffeeCon NY

CoffeeCon comes to Brooklyn for one-day only this coming Saturday, June 4. If you’ve longed for a coffee festival on par with the best wine, beer or food events CoffeeCon is for you. As you know, coffee is truly a culinary food item which means a world of recipes and...
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Author Steven Rea Brings Hollywood Café Book and Clips to CoffeeCon NY

You know you’re really over the top infatuated with coffee when you find yourself squinting to see the coffee maker in a film. When Steven Rea contacted me to offer to bring his new book, Hollywood Café to CoffeeCon, I was really excited both to realize there was such...
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Picacho Coffee at CoffeeCon

I'm probably mostly a Third Wave guy when it comes to beans, but I favor roast and taste diversity. I personally enjoy strong individualism and I think I found this in Picacho Coffee, which is headquartered in Las Cruces, New Mexico, away from the L.A. coffee...

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