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CoffeeCon LA 2016 Speakers

heather perry Speakers

Heather Perry

Heather has participated in barista competitions and currently holds several titles including 2007 and 2003 United States Barista Champion plus the 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 Western Regional Champion. In Tokyo she finished 2nd in the world at the 2007 World Barista Championships. She has also made appearances on many TV shows including What’s Hot What’s Cool on the Food Network and BIG on the Discovery Channel where her name was put in the Guinness Book of World Records for building the world's largest espresso machine. Moreover, Heather is a spokesperson for 'Got Milk?' She was also recently named “The Ultimate Barista” and has since been challenged six times, including two head to head victories over other Ultimate Baristi, remaining undefeated.

mokhtar alkhanshali Speakers

Mokhtar Alkhanshali

A Yemeni-American, Mokhtar Alkhanshali hopes to serve as a bridge between Yemen and the World by connecting the farmers of the world’s oldest, rarest cultivated coffee varietals with coffee enthusiasts that can fully appreciate it. Combining a blend of his knowledge of specialty coffee production and progressive infrastructure strategy, Mokhtar has helped to change the face of coffee in Yemen. 

jay ruskey Speakers

Jay Ruskey

This Hollywood born agronomist and exotic fruit farmer is paving the way for California's newest crop: coffee.  Jay is the owner of Good Land Organics in Santa Barbara and also the co-founder of the coffee grower collaborative: California Coffee Growers. 

peter giuliamo Speakers

Peter Giuliano

karen cebraros Speakers

Karen Cebraros


Turgay Yildizli

Istanbul-native Turgay Yildizli is the founder of His mission is to improve the standards of Turkish Coffee and raise it up to the place it deserves in the specialty coffee community. He was the 2013 World Cezve/Ibrik (Turkish Coffee) Champion, he also represented Turkey in previous years in the Brewers Cup and Coffee in Good Spirits Championship.

Jim+Schulman Speakers

Jim Schulman

Jim Schulman is a scholar and Sherlock Holmes-level amateur espresso and water expert, based online at Jim will be demonstrating his home espresso techniques at our Home Espresso classes. He will also be presenting his definitive water class.

177 rt1 2100x1400 hi res copy2 Speakers

Kevin Sinnott

Kevin Sinnott is best-selling coffee author and blogger at He became known after publishing objective coffee brewer reviews, realizing brewers are the hardware to coffee beans’ software. He is CoffeeCon’s creator and host.

Labs & Classes

Presentations and classes are *free to attendees

class schedule LA web 2016 012816 Labs & Classes


class cupping peter giuliano 300x210 Labs & Classes

Taste Like An Expert

Learn how to taste as experts do. This isn’t a casual boast. It requires an extensive setup, including multiple brewers, laboratory-grade grinding and special tasting glassware so that one hundred participants can identically sample given coffees and learn what an expert looks for in their quest for the best. We strictly limit the attendance so that each participant can attain a proficiency in this class, which includes multiple samplings of hand-selected coffees from specific regions and possessing specific flavor characteristics.

Who better to conduct our tasting seminar than Peter Giuliano, who has earned his stripes as one of coffeedom’s great leaders. Peter started out as a barista in his home-town of San Diego and quickly rose with his zeal for all things coffee. He was a roaster and, more important for this class, a taster in coffee. The former owner of well known roaster Counter Culture Coffee, he now is Senior Director at SCAA, where he leads educational and outreach programs, including their annual Symposium.

Peter will be searching for just the right coffees and roasts so that you might be able to within the period of an hour or so, be able to taste around the world, or cupping table as it’s known in the biz. It’s just like a professional setup except we’ve gone out of our way to keep things individualized so that we civilians won’t have to face dipping our spoons into the same sample that’s spun around a lazy Susan table by the pros.

We have purchased special Rocks glasses which are easier to handle. We’ll be brewing with the highest quality Wilbur Curtis brewers and Mahlkönig EK43 grinder, supervised by Brad Curtis and the team from Klatch Coffee.

Due to the extensive setup and resource scheduling, advance registration is required and limited to only 100 attendees. Admission to main event and $12 glassware lab fee required. 


class futureofcoffee 300x210 Labs & Classes

The Future of Coffee Panel

If this is the Third Wave, when does Fourth Wave start? What’s beyond pour-over drip? It’s a lively discussion where no subject is off topic; a mix of high-tech, blue-sky modernism in an old world discussion worthy of the first coffeehouses. Moderator Kevin Sinnott


class yemen 1 300x210 Labs & Classes

Rediscovering The Mocha Road – Specialty Coffee In Yemen

A Yemeni-American, Mokhtar Alkhanshali hopes to serve as a bridge between Yemen and the World by connecting the farmers of the world’s oldest, rarest cultivated coffee varietals with coffee enthusiasts that can fully appreciate it. Combining a blend of his knowledge of specialty coffee production and progressive infrastructure strategy, Mokhtar has helped to change the face of coffee in Yemen. Through extensive travels in 32 different coffee producing regions in Yemen, working on the ground with farmers along every single step of the coffee value chain, Mokhtar has been able to source coffees with flavor profiles that surpass the rarest of geishas. His harrowing escape from war-torn Yemen on a fishing boat across the Red Sea to Africa may have put him in the news, but it is his work with Yemeni farmers and families that endures.


class coffee finance 2 300x210 Labs & Classes

Micro Finance - The Real Solution to Breaking the Cycle of Poverty 

Karen Cebreros, founder of Women in Coffee and a co-founder of IWCA and Mery Santos, IWCA president will explain how drinking specialty coffee can make a better world. Her talk will explore supporting women farmers and how micro finance can give women the will and wisdom to win.


class california coffee 1 300x210 Labs & Classes

California Grown – Coffee with LAtitude

Jay Ruskey, “Farmer Jay” will discuss how LA and Southern CA are becoming the next coffee epicenter with California-Grown coffee as the newest bean on the scene. His lecture covers the nuances of cultivating coffee in California (costs, challenges, approach); layered agriculture system and how farms have been adopting it in Southern CA and distinguishing between varietals for cultivation, cupping and market potential.


class turkish1 300x210 Labs & Classes

Specialty Turkish (Ibrik) Coffee 

It is one of the world’s oldest coffee brewing methods. Ibrik champion Turgay Yildizli has pioneered the integration of specialty coffee with this method and will teach you the equipment needed, a step-by-step tutorial, and even a ceremony connected with this tradition.



Siphon LabSponsored by Hario 

The siphon—or vacuum—was once the leading coffee brewing method in the US during the period from 1930s until the age of the pumping percolator in the late 1950s. This lost brewing art, which many connoisseurs consider the Holy Grail of coffee brewing, began regaining its prominence among a hardcore group who claim it extracts better than any other known method. Instructor Joshua Bonner, Foxy Coffee Co.

Chemex LabSponsored by Chemex 

The Chemex is an American original. Learn some of its unique features, and how to brew the perfect Chemex cup, including using the inventor Peter Schlumbohm’s own recipe. Instructors Peet’s Coffee.

V60 LabSponsored by Hario 

This Japanese pour over brewing method yields clean, lucid coffee, unmuddled by solids or grinds. Regardless of how many brewers you own or have tried, you owe it to yourself to discover why this method and brand have a worldwide cult following. Instructors Peet’s Coffee.

Press Pot LabSponsored by Peet’s Coffee

Learn how to extract the maximum flavor experience from your press pot. Instructors Peet’s Coffee.

AeroPress In Booth Lab Sponsored by Aerobie

The AeroPress defines a beautiful form of coffee minimalism. It is deceptively simple, yet elegant and above all, flexible. Learn hands-on various ways of employing it to make that perfect cup of coffee along with tips and hacks to take it further.

class heather perry 300x210 Labs & Classes

Latte Art 

Barista Champion Heather Perry of Klatch Coffee teaches latte art. We all know the milk texturing and designs done at our favorite café add greatly to our enjoyment and taste. We want that at home, but how do we achieve that final level of quality and art on our own? This class teaches the art of milk texturing and frothing steamed milk to create the perfect latte in one’s own kitchen.

Grinding, Demystifying Home Brewing’s Missing Link

Grinding the coffee bean into tiny, equal-sized grains is vital to achieving a great cup of coffee. Yet many people—even some connoisseurs—grind too casually and improperly much of the time, missing much flavor and diminishing the value of their precious coffee. Learn about grinding and how to grind properly to maximize every cup of coffee you brew in the future. Instructor Joshua Bonner, Foxy Coffee.


class jim schulman 300x210 Labs & Classes

Water: Coffee’s Silent Majority 

Academic Jim Schulman achieved nothing short of fame within the specialty coffee community when he published his seminal work Jim Schulman’s Insanely Long Water FAQ. Common pitfalls of at-home brewing often start with the water. This class will teach you what errors to recognize, how to correct them, and—among other things—what the heck a Langelier Index is.

Home Espresso

Learn to choose and master the espresso machine, not have it master you. Jim Schulman will be teaching this 90 minute class specifically on tasting espresso, telling bitter from sour, how to dose and set the grind, shot temperature, along with answering questions.


class home roasting 1 300x210 Labs & Classes

Home Roasting: The Final Frontier

This class is co-instructed by Joe Behm, inventor of the Behmor home roaster and Kevin Kuyers of Thea Ridge Coffee. They will explain bean sourcing and demonstrate roasting techniques.


class kyoto1 300x210 Labs & Classes

Kyoto Style Coffee

Learn more about this cold slow drip brewing method for specialty coffee from LA home town favorite Demitasse Coffee.


class lela buttery 300x210 Labs & Classes

Buttery Brew

Lela Buttery (thats her real name), biologist, chef and educator, tells about a Butter Kind of Buzz.  Expand your knowledge of good fats, metabolism and positive effects of coffee on the body.


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    Chemex Lab

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    Turkish Coffee

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  • AeroPress

  • Chemex Lab

  • Giveaways

  • Home Roasting

  • Latte Art

  • Proper Grinding

  • Proper Water

  • Turkish Coffee

  • Vacuum/Siphon

Why Attend CoffeeCon

As if you don’t already know.



hands on Why Attend CoffeeCon

Engrossing hands-on classes

Learn brewing methods like siphon, Chemex, AeroPress, latte art, how to taste coffee like an expert and more.

international Why Attend CoffeeCon

Stunning international methods

From stone-ground ibrik coffee, to Turkish, to Asian condensed milk methods, to authentic Italian espresso.

beans Why Attend CoffeeCon

Fascinating international and local roasters

Sample roasts from far away and others surprisingly close to your own home. 20 roasters with over 100 different coffees between them.

samples Why Attend CoffeeCon

Coffee samples

Taste and compare nearly every conceivable variable in coffee all day long. No limit.

prizes Why Attend CoffeeCon

Prize giveaways

Beans, brewers, and accessories given away at 3:40. May you win the coffeemaker of your dreams.


Automatic entry with your ticket purchase.

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California Coffee Tree Donated by Good Land Organics.

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Bonavita Electronic Donated by Espresso Supply. Retail Value of $94.99

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Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric Kettle Donated by Bonavita. Retail Value of $104.99

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Porcelain Immersion Coffee Dripper Donated by Bonavita. Retail Value of $39.99

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Brazen 8 cup Coffee Maker Donated by Behmor Inc. Retail Value of $199

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30 oz Chemex Donated by Chemex. Retail Value of $41.50

Behmor Roaster 300x300 Why Attend CoffeeCon

Behmor 1600 Home Roaster Donated by Behmor. Retail Value of $369

2805 300x300 Why Attend CoffeeCon

V60 Kit

AeroPress 300x300 Why Attend CoffeeCon

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker Donated by Aerobie. Retail Value of $30

 Why Attend CoffeeCon

STC Pro Coffee Pot & Coffee Stand Donated by Specialty Turkish Coffee. Retail Value of $136

Locations & Dates

Other Locations and Dates for 2016 To Be Announced.

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Los Angeles | January 30, 2016

Magic Box @ The REEF
1933 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90007



Here's some of the artisan coffee roasters you will meet and taste at CoffeeCon LA 2016. And that’s just for starters. Experience coffee equipment, coffee innovations and food pairings.

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Wanna exhibit at CoffeeCon?

CoffeeCon is the consumer coffee festival. If you’re a roaster, brewing manufacturer, or have any related product and want to engage with thousands of caffeinated consumers and industry buyers, fill out the form and we’ll contact you.

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