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Previous Speakers Featured at CoffeeCon Chicago. L.A. Speakers To Be Announced.

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Marcus Boni

Marcus is Head of Brand and Marketing at Espresso Supply and Bonavita. Before this, he was VP of Retail with Kaldi’s Coffee in Saint Louis, as well as Director of Community Development with the Specialty Coffee Association of America, producing programs such as The United States Barista Championship, The USBC Brewers Cup, The Barista Guild of America Barista Camp and The World Barista Championship. Marcus is a diehard Cubs fan, Kangoo Fitness Instructor, has exactly one too many adopted animals with his husband, Tony, and prefers to brew one cup at a time.

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Holly Bastin

Holly is co-owner of Roast Ratings with long time friend and 2013 World Barista Champ Pete Licata. She also serves as a consultant at Kansas City-based Licata Coffee Consultants, traveling the world for coffee. In her spare time she makes the most of opportunities to pick the brains of professional and consumer alike through her work at local KC coffee pro-shop, About The Coffee. She has a turtle, Cecil, and a cat named "Miss Kitty."

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Nick Kohout

Nick Kohout is a sales manager for acaia and a Chicago native. Nick has nine years of experience in the coffee industry ranging from line barista to shop manager to his current role. His goal in all his work is to make delicious coffee simple and approachable.

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Justin Doggett

Justin Doggett is the staff trainer at Metropolis Coffee Company. He began his career in specialty coffee at Hyde Park's Istria Cafe and then left Istria for Next Restaurant. During his time at Next, Justin began to experiment with Kyoto Style coffee at home and began directing Next's coffee program. As the trainer at Metropolis he has spent two years perfecting Kyoto style brew alongside his home setup.


Turgay Yildizli

Istanbul-native Turgay Yildizli is the founder of His mission is to improve the standards of Turkish Coffee and raise it up to the place it deserves in the specialty coffee community. He was the 2013 World Cezve/Ibrik (Turkish Coffee) Champion, he also represented Turkey in previous years in the Brewers Cup and Coffee in Good Spirits Championship.

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Claire Ashley

Hailing from France, Claire works in product development for OXO, a leading housewares company. She leads the company’s new line of small appliances, OXO On; among them are two coffee makers and a coffee grinder with an integrated scale. Claire is very excited to bring OXO’s innovation and thoughtfulness to the coffee category.

Jim+Schulman Speakers

Jim Schulman

Jim Schulman is a scholar and Sherlock Holmes-level amateur espresso and water expert, based online at Jim will be demonstrating his home espresso techniques at our Home Espresso classes. He will also be presenting his definitive water class.

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Kenneth Davids

Kenneth Davids has written three books on coffee and in 1996 he was awarded the “Special Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to Coffee Literature” by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). His site has become arguably the single most influential rating guide for consumers. He will be presenting the Kenneth Davids Tasting Seminar at CoffeeCon Chicago 2015.

Labs & Classes

All presentations and classes are free to attendees. Sample of Chicago Schedule. L.A. Schedule To Be Announced.

Chicago Schedule 7 22 Labs & Classes


Kenneth header2 Labs & Classes

The Kenneth Davids Tasting Seminar

Sponsored by CoffeeCon 9:30 AM to 12:40 PM

Kenneth Davids, author of three books on coffee and editor of the influential web publication Coffee Review, will take participants through a tasting of three flights of three coffees each. After presenting an overview of factors influencing the sensory character of each coffee – tree variety, growing elevation, methods of fruit removal and drying, roast – attendees will taste how these factors intersect in varying ways to produce the unique character of each of several exquisite coffees.
Requires a special ticket available for purchase on our Eventbrite page.

The Future of Coffee Panel 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM

If this is the Third Wave, when does Fourth Wave start? What’s beyond pour-over drip? It’s a lively discussion where no subject is off topic; a mix of high-tech, blue-sky modernism in an old world discussion worthy of the first coffeehouses.


Turkish (Ibrik) Coffee

It is one of the world’s oldest coffee brewing methods. Ibrik champion Turgay Yildizli has pioneered the integration of specialty coffee with this method and will teach you the equipment needed, a step-by-step tutorial, and even a ceremony connected with this tradition.

Home Espresso

Learn to choose and master the espresso machine, not have it master you. Jim Schulman will be teaching this 90 minute class specifically on tasting espresso, telling bitter from sour, how to dose and set the grind, shot temperature, along with answering questions.

Siphon LabSponsored by Hario

The siphon—or vacuum—was once the leading coffee brewing method in the US during the period from 1930s until the age of the pumping percolator in the late 1950s. This lost brewing art, which many connoisseurs consider the Holy Grail of coffee brewing, began regaining its prominence among a hardcore group who claim it extracts better than any other known method.

Chemex LabSponsored by Chemex

The Chemex is an American original. Learn some of its unique features, and how to brew the perfect Chemex cup, including using the inventor Peter Schlumbohm’s own recipe.

Classes Continued

AeroPress Lab Sponsored by Aerobie

The AeroPress defines a beautiful form of coffee minimalism. It is deceptively simple, yet elegant and above all, flexible. Learn hands-on various ways of employing it to make that perfect cup of coffee along with tips and hacks to take it further.

Latte Art Demos

We all know the milk texturing and designs done at our favorite café add greatly to our enjoyment and taste. We want that at home, but how do we achieve that final level of quality and art on our own? This class teaches the art of milk texturing and frothing steamed milk to create the perfect latte in one’s own kitchen.

Proper Grinding

Grinding the coffee bean into tiny, equal-sized grains is vital to achieving a great cup of coffee. Yet many people—even some connoisseurs—grind too casually and improperly much of the time, missing much flavor and diminishing the value of their precious coffee. Learn about grinding and how to grind properly to maximize every cup of coffee you brew in the future.

V60 LabSponsored by Hario

This Japanese pour over brewing method yields clean, lucid coffee, unmuddled by solids or grinds. Regardless of how many brewers you own or have tried, you owe it to yourself to discover why this method and brand have a worldwide cult following.

Science of Coffee

The science of coffee is really a journey into biology, chemistry, and physics as climates, processing, roasting, and brewing all introduce different variables into the cup. Have no fear however; no exam follows this lecture—but a little bit 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine always helps.

Proper Water

Academic Jim Schulman achieved nothing short of fame within the specialty coffee community when he published his seminal work Jim Schulman’s Insanely Long Water FAQ. Common pitfalls of at-home brewing often start with the water. This class will teach you what errors to recognize, how to correct them, and—among other things—what the heck a Langelier Index is.

French Press Lab

The current design of a cylindrical pot and a plunger to keep the grounds separate from the coffee is credited to two Italian inventors Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta—but we still call it a French press. Regardless, it’s a delicious method and fun to make, especially in our hands-on lab.

Which Brew Is for You?

Holly Bastin, co-founder of Roast Ratings, will take participants through a tasting adventure to explore the impact brewing methods have on your coffee drinking experience. You will taste multiple methods side-by-side to find the brew that’s right for you and add it to your ever-growing coffee wish list. A great way to ensure you get the most out of your coffee filled day!


  • Aeropress+class+3+good Labs & Classes


    CoffeeCon San Francisco 2014

  • MG 6299.CR2  Labs & Classes

    Chemex Lab

    CoffeeCon Chicago 2015

  • Ben HiderBH1 8764 Labs & Classes

    Coffee Tasting Seminar

    CoffeeCon NYC 2015

  • Ben HiderBH1 8966 copy1 Labs & Classes


    CoffeeCon NYC 2015

  • CoffeeCon 2014 119 copy Labs & Classes

    Home Roasting

    CoffeeCon Chicago 2014

  • MG 6539.CR2  Labs & Classes

    Latte Art

    CoffeeCon Chicago 2015

  • MG 6365.CR2  Labs & Classes

    Proper Grinding

    CoffeeCon Chicago 2015

  • Screen Shot 2015 05 16 at 10.19.05 PM Labs & Classes

    Proper Water

    CoffeeCon LA 2014

  • MG 6253.CR2  Labs & Classes

    Science of Coffee

    CoffeeCon Chicago 2015

  • Ben HiderBH1 9230 Labs & Classes

    Turkish Coffee

    CoffeeCon NYC 2015

  • MG 6265.CR2  Labs & Classes


    CoffeeCon Chicago 2015

  • AeroPress

  • Chemex Lab

  • Coffee Tasting Seminar

  • Giveaways

  • Home Roasting

  • Latte Art

  • Proper Grinding

  • Proper Water

  • Science of Coffee

  • Turkish Coffee

  • Vacuum/Siphon

Why Attend CoffeeCon

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hands on Why Attend CoffeeCon

Engrossing hands-on classes

Learn brewing methods like siphon, Chemex, AeroPress, latte art, how to taste coffee like an expert and more.

international Why Attend CoffeeCon

Stunning international methods

From stone-ground ibrik coffee, to Turkish, to Asian condensed milk methods, to authentic Italian espresso.

beans Why Attend CoffeeCon

Fascinating international and local roasters

Sample roasts from far away and others surprisingly close to your own home. 20 roasters with over 100 different coffees between them.

samples Why Attend CoffeeCon

Coffee samples

Taste and compare nearly every conceivable variable in coffee all day long. No limit.

prizes Why Attend CoffeeCon

Prize giveaways

Beans, brewers, and accessories given away at 12:45 and 3:45. Maybe you'll win the coffeemaker of your dreams.


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Gene Cafe CBR-101 Home Coffee Roaster

Donated by Batch Coffee

Retail Value $600.00

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Bonavita Electronic

Donated by Espresso Supply

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Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

Donated by Bonavita

Retail Value of $104.99

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Melitta Stainless Steel 10-cup Thermal Pour-Over Coffeemaker and an 80count box of Melitta #4 Bamboo Cone Coffee Filters

Donated by Melitta

Retail Value: $53

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Cafflano Klassic Portable All-in-one Coffee Maker

Donated by Cafflano (as a trading name of Beanscorp Co., Ltd.)

Retail Value of $89.00

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Porcelain Immersion Coffee Dripper

Donated by Bonavita

Retail Value of $39.99

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Brazen 8 cup Coffee Maker

Donated by Behmor Inc

Retail Value of $199

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30 oz Chemex

Donated by Chemex

Retail Value of $41.50

Behmor Roaster 300x300 Why Attend CoffeeCon

Behmor 1600 Home Roaster

Donated by Behmor

Retail Value of $369

2805 300x300 Why Attend CoffeeCon

V60 Kit

AeroPress 300x300 Why Attend CoffeeCon

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Donated by Aerobie

Retail Value of $30

 Why Attend CoffeeCon

STC Pro Coffee Pot & Coffee Stand

Donated by Specialty Turkish Coffee

Retail Value of $136

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Los Angeles | January 30, 2016

Magic Box @ The REEF
1933 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90007



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